The BEARER – 1

Nowadays the sun wakes the bearer up with an usual dismal manner , the days are not anymore happier , sober as the bearer must say.

Sad days are the bad days the bearer heard all gatherings the bearer thought did not bring any more gay .

What are these things happening ? Is it happening for some reason? 

If there is some reason then why is the bearer so away that the bearer find herself lost at some way.    Difficult to find herself, difficult to recollect.

Only tears were the help but the bearer thought its also lost some way. How much to cry that the load from her mind leaves her way to those free fields where the bearer belonged to pray.

The bearer is in such a situation now that she thinks noway then to give up on all and start a new day. But where are the good days that the bearer is looking for,  is it hidden in some one’s reply smiling at her and letting all her worries burried in some graveyard.

Don’t know about this bearer what she is going to do ? 

Live by changing the things or just let the things go on how it is going on now ?  

            – Saheen.

Hope my readers like it:)  – based on true incident.


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