Never get too juxtaposed to anyone except your parents , 

Because when they would scathe you, 

It will cut you deeper,

Than getting stabbed at your back 

And it will pain untill you get  your soul,  out of this universe.

– Saheen 



 Her roars made the usual Gaussian curve,

Which enhanced the oculus of aimless Neandertal man , his approach towards her was the only incoming which colud be seen as the footprints on the sands of death burried and died long ago and in those sockets of eyeball of longing filled with haste to meet.

Another day of approach of the Neanthertal man to the roars was entirely a different bling than his previous visit. This day his desires were transformed to mirth. 

This mirth was to excess to be in the arms of the Gaussian curve and the hapless she without any refusal fufilled the desires of the Neanthertal man.

All could be seen was neither the footprints on the sands nor the conk of any man and there was no desire left contuse by her.

– Saheen